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Phobya HeGrease Extreme 3.5g

Phobya HeGrease Extreme 3.5g

The absolute best performing Thermal compound on the market at the moment!

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Phobya HeGrease Extreme is the absolute best performing Thermal compound at the moment - only surpassed by Indigo Xtreme !

The advantage of Phobya HeGrease Extreme is however that It?s much easier to work with, since this is a normal Thermal compound. Phobya HeGrease Extreme has a great thermal conductivity at 8.5 W/mK!

In addition Phobya HeGrease Extreme is non-conductive, so if you were to get a bit of Thermal compound on the motherboard or the like there will be no short circuits. Perfect for use on the CPU, GPU and chipset.

Comes in 3.5g tube, which is enough for several mounts. The pack comes with a small plastic spatula that can be used when applying the Thermal compound.

Contents: 3.5 g
Color: Silver
Thermal conductivity: 8.5 W/mK
Density: 3.73 g/cm ü
Viscosity: 85000cps TF

P ackage content:
1x Phobya HeGrease Extreme 3.5 g
1x Plastic spatula


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